Ancient Horizons

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Ancient Horizons is an item of incredible artwork from the Nature of Wood Collection from Bayne's Quality Custom Furniture. We see this piece of a vision of earth, wood and sky, leading us to name it aptly as I have. You can see your own vision in the art, as our titles are never emblazoned on the work, allowing the owner to find his own vision and name for the piece when proudly displayed at home, office, museum or gallery.

Donald Bayne, our founder and master craftsman, finds these gems through years of woodworking, and when inspired by a find, his true love of wood comes to light. This piece provides a combination of what many might call rejected lumber combined with stone, vision, artistry and craftsmanship! This mixture creates a "volatility of creativity" and results in the beautiful display piece presented here! 

As every piece in the Nature of Wood Collection, this is a one of a kind opportunity to own a piece of art created right here by our master cabinet maker, turned artist for the moment, before returning to more earthly tasks in everyday life. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of very limited original art, by our founder, ready to provide a lifetime and more of viewing pleasure.


This piece measures approximately 12.5 inches tall by 11 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep weighing about 3 pounds. This piece is aka "Tranquility" as per the artist's original signature and date engraved upon the underside of the base. 




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