One Miraculous Table

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The "miraculous" nature of this highly engineered piece of art-furniture earned this table a special spot in all of our hearts. For almost two years, we've carefully held onto it in our own offices, enjoying its beauty for ourselves and as a show piece as we struggled to place a price on letting go of this fine piece of artwork.  

This table which appears to have no conceivable way to support itself adequately, is the product of significant engineering, design and technique applications. A lesser craftsman had the initial design rejected for lack of strength before Don, dug deep and spent long hours designing the ultimate structural support that appears lighter than air, and yet provides a solid table for years and years of use.

But that's not all! This table is crafted with legs of ribbon cut sapele (an African wood similar in look and characteristics to mahogany) while the top is crafted of "ambrosia ash" named for the beetle whose larva infests the ash tree and produces what turns out to be beautiful characteristic "flaws". This injury turns to gold when milled properly and placed in a well designed piece like this. The table is then finished with a clear coat of catalytic varnish for a natural wood finish and last durability.

As a desk in a high end office, or as a table in your home, or if you decide to stow this piece in a hall behind theater ropes as a show piece, this beautiful work of art will lend conversation for decades! 

REMEMBER this piece is one of a kind! When it goes, it's gone forever to the fortunate buyer!



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