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Sometimes simplicity wins with the Nature of Wood Collection. 

Smooth wooden edges, a beautiful finish on this blonde and curled piece of maple, complimented by infinitely rugged and varied rough edges of stone. This piece, crafted with simple geometric corners throughout, placed upon a pillar of soapstone, leads one to ponder the wisdom of simplicity amidst complexity of an earthy world.

Remember that every Nature of Wood Collection piece is original and one of a kind. These artistic apparent musings are truly more than just musings as they combine vision, fortunate finds in wood specimens, and hour upon hour of artistic craftsmanship of our founder as he takes these simple crude pieces of nature and fashions them laboriously into the art forms that you see here. 

Always an original "hunk of art" these fines pieces are only available until they aren't! If you appreciate a piece like this, don't delay for tomorrow may leave you wanting!


This piece fits the following approximate dimensions: 8.5" high, 11 inches wide and 6 inches deep weighing about 10 pounds. And is named, signed and dated by the artist with engraving on the bottom.





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