A Storied Quality

Quality Prevails at BayneBox.com!
BayneBox.com is providing quality resurgence at Bartley! As we sift through the many artifacts, drawings, photos and kit parts from the Bartley Collections archives, we’ve discovered some changes over time. Some instructions had been modified over time to create simpler manufacturing processes, and unfortunately lesser quality kits. We understand the dilemma. Simple designs help satisfy price point demands from less knowledgeable, or simply less discriminating buyers.

But in either case, for BayneBox.com, we’re not comfortable adding warning pages to our instructions that caution you not to pick up a piece a certain way for fear of damage. So we are making changes back to the direction of more traditional construction.

As we move forward, we are proud to announce that we are making new strides and upgrades toward the museum quality replica type of construction once delivered in many of the Bartley kits. While we return to quality features like dovetail joinery, and rail and frame construction rather than fragile pierced panels, we are also adding our own upgrades of skilled wood selection and grain matching.

Bartley Collections built its business on quality replica kits designed to represent the museum quality design and construction of true reproduction furniture.

Our upcoming release of the Pennsylvania Dower Chest will provide a prime example of this type of quality as we return to the 18th century style dovetail joint for beautiful added detail. In addition, the front panels will be constructed in a sturdy frame and rail design rather than sending you a fragile “punch-out” front panel. We are confident that when you finish this project, you be so much happier with your finished project that you’ll be back for more!