The Popular Bartley Gel Stains Are Back

We are happy to announce that we now are offering all 18 varieties of the popular Bartley Gel Stains.

As you probably know, the Bartley Gel Stains have developed a reputation for their beauty and ease of use.

The real beauty of Bartley’s Gel Stains is how easy they are to apply. Plus, they have very low odor.

And because they are Gels, they can be used on vertical and overhead surfaces without fear of runs, drips and sags. Brushes are not required; just a soft cotton cloth.

Bartley Gel Stains are recommended for new wood projects and for refinishing antiques.

And keep in mind that by mixing and matching colors of the Bartley Gel Stains, you can create a wide range of color variations.

We also should point out that Bartley Gel Stains are in high demand so order today to ensure you get the color or colors you want.