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The classical yet elegant lines of this Hepplewhite Sofa Table are sure to please our many customers who have desire a small, yet practical table for entries, halls, powder rooms, or anywhere that space is at a premium. The transitional design allows it to tie in beautifully with any of today’s furniture styles.

The style harkens to an earlier era, but that age doesn’t dilute its appeal. George Hepplewhite, the cabinet and chair maker in the 1700s, created a distinctive style of light and elegant furniture, which became popular near the end of the 18th century.

Working at his shop in London, Hepplewhite favored satinwood and walnut. His wife, after his death in 1786, published a book, The CabinetMaker and Upholster’s Guide, featuring many of his designs, which gave rise to his style and propelled many admirers to build similar pieces.

This Hepplewhite Sofa Table replicates the stylistic nuances of George Hepplewhite.

The Hepplewhite Sofa Table has assembled size of 47” W x 16” D x 30” H and is available in Cherry, Maple, African Mahogany and Walnut.

We’ve pictured this in Cherry, dyed first with a water-based dye and then a selection of Bartley’s Gel Stain in Walnut. 

Please allow six weeks for delivery.

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