Pouting Chair

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This child's chair is designed to double its function as a high-back stepping stool, as indicated by the hand grip on the top of the back. 

"Pouting chairs" were originally built by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The tall backs offered stability for reaching into higher cabinets and shelving of country kitchens. When not in use the stool was often kept in a near corner where it doubled as a resting place for children needing to contemplate the errors of their ways. I think most would call this a "time-out chair" nowadays—but we still enjoy the original name of pouting chair!

The assembled chair stands 27" high by 13.5" wide, by 10.5" deep.

This woodworking kit is available in Cherry, African Mahogany, Curly Maple and Walnut.

Note: Allow 4 - 8 weeks for this kit to ship if not immediately available.