Sandpaper 220

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Quality sandpaper is essential for preparing a good surface ready for your fine Bartley Gel Stain finishes (or any other for that matter).

This package comes with 8 1/4 sheets of quality 220 grit sandpaper sized for our sanding block. 


100 grit sandpaper is what you'll use for a bit more aggressive sanding. End grains for example tend to need this grit, or if you've dropped a piece, or somehow scratched it, this grit will help you remove such marks and blemishes with less effort than a finer grit.


150 grit sandpaper is used for the bulk of our work and kits. It will provide a smooth surface ready for finishing in most cases with most woods.


220 grit sandpaper is to be used for more delicate woods, or for a light scuffing. Often used between coats of finish, this fine grit can help you achieve smoother finishes when desired. 



This is the same quality professional sandpaper we use in our woodworking shop. It's not expensive, so try not to go cheap on substitutes which may often wear out much faster or even tear too easily. Be careful, any sandpaper will tear if you drag it across a sharp corner or what not.