Six-Board Chest

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You're going to love the great mix of functionality and beauty in this piece. This chest is 20 inches tall, giving you the perfect height for a mud room or bedroom hideaway. Wherever you need an elegant and useful seat, say for putting on or taking off your shoes, our Storage Bench Hideaway is the answer.

The six-board chest also features useful storage.

Add to the functionality the wonderful 18th Century style nails we include with this kit. We’ve nailed it with this one, and you’ll love it, too!

Did you know the six-board chest is one of the most venerable of all pieces of furniture? It dates back to the earliest days of furniture, a true testament to the artistry and function of the piece.

The six-board chest, developed from the 18th century style, continues this tradition, giving you a great place to store blankets, games, exercise equipment or anything else.

As useful as the six-board chest is for storage, it also can serve as an attractive bench at the end of a bed, in a corner or elsewhere in the home.

This combination of utilitarianism and artistry is at the core of and its founder, Donald Bayne.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate woodworkers, this kit features:

  • Hand-selected, cut lumber
  • Colonial-era replica brads / cut nails
  • Detailed, step-by step written instructions 

The Six-Board Chest measures 30"W x 13 1/2"D x 20"H and is offered in Maple, Cherry, African Mahogany and Walnut.

Get your Six-Board Chest now to become both a part of and an addition to the history of this great piece of furniture.

There was a time where the farmer would go out to the barn and grab boards that were 24 inches wide, and quickly throw together a chest for storage with six simple pieces. Today we need to glue up several pieces to get 24 inch wide stock, but at that part is done for you. So you get stock in the width you need to indeed make this beautiful 18th Century Six-Board Chest. We've gotten as close to authentic reproduction as we can right up to the cut nails used for authentic assembly!

The Six-Board Chest’s 18th Century design offers the usefulness of storage, along with the attractiveness of a bench for use at the end of a bed, in a corner or elsewhere in the home.

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