Wall Cabinet

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Glass not supplied; Purchase from local source (hardware, arts & crafts, or framing store); Size needed 18" X 13 3/4"; 1/8" thick - double strength
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Picture your collectibles displayed proudly behind glass in this 18th century wall cabinet. The glass door keeps all of your treasures gorgeously in view as well as protected! If you're like most collectors, you'll want to collect several of these Wall Cabinet kits to display all of your prized pieces.

At 24" high by 18" wide and 6" deep when assembled, the Wall Cabinet is substantial in construction and yet small enough to fit in lots of spaces. 

In an effort to provide you savings, we supply all but the glass which you can easily pick up at your local hardware, arts & crafts, or framing store without all the packaging and shipping costs for glass.  The instruction booklet provides the specifications you need to have it cut locally, or to order online from a glass supplier.

Assembled kit features a hinged door.

This woodworking kit is offered in Cherry, African Mahogany, Curly Maple and Walnut.