Welcome, Bartley Fans!

We have taken over Bartley Classic Reproductions. We know to loyal Bartley fans, this transition to BayneBox.com may be bittersweet. But our hope is to show you with our actions that we plan to build on the great Bartley reputation in new and exciting ways.

We are not new to the business. Our founder, Donald Bayne, began creating wood furniture more than three decades ago. (Here is a link to a video where he talks about his start with woodworking.)

Since that time, Donald has built a successful wood furniture business in Baltimore called Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture. His experience and expertise enable us to offer you new products and designs. But his background also explains that we value wood and woodworking.

Our goal is to continue providing you with the best quality furniture at affordable prices.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have. Just shoot us an email.

We also encourage you to join the BayneBox.com Founders Club, which will provide you with updates, discounts and deals. It’s free and it’s just the first of many ways we hope to win you over.

The BayneBox.com Team