What Sets Bartley Project Kits Apart

storage-bench-hideaway.jpegNo matter what name you know them by -- Bartley Classic Reproductions, Bartley Classics, Bartley Reproductions, Bartley Reproductions Ltd., or just Bartley -- the wood project kits that we create are special.

The Bartley project kits differ because we:

  • Provide high-quality reproductions of furniture from the 17th, 18th and 19th century, along with more contemporary furniture.
  • Pre-select the lumber for every project kit, ensuring that pieces you might reject are not included.
  • Provide instruction manuals and videos to give you as much or as little help in how to build it as you wish.

In summer of 2016, Bartley was taken over by BayneBox.com, which is part of Bayne's Quality Custom Furniture Inc., a Baltimore-based custom furniture maker led by Donald Bayne, who brings more than three decades of custom woodworking experience to the enterprise.

Bayne and his team have been working to organize the project kits and plans of Bartley so they can release the more popular project kits again.

Next Steps

Check out our growing online list of project kits or our ready-to-go project kits.

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