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Deluxe Cutting Board - Beginner's Cut


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With our Beginner Level Cutting Board with Deluxe Add-On, you get the beauty of maple and walnut. But like all of our cutting boards, your lumber is pre-cut and specially milled with our z-cut edge to provide an easy fit for nearly perfect glue joints every time (stronger glue joints result as well).

All lumber is pre-cut to length and radius corners, complete with handle cut-out and z-grooved for stronger easier joints when you glue up your project for final preparation. This is truly an excellent beginner’s kit that provides you the ability to achieve perfection without vast experience. And the z-cut edge provides a stunning visual feature to capture the eye of your discerning gourmet or crafty grandchild.

Whether it's for you or a loved one, you will take pride in saying, “I built it myself with BayneBox.com.” 

Remember this kit provides real value! We have several boards hand selected to avoid any significant blemishes or flaws in the lumber, which means we have some lost wood in the process. Then each piece is milled and cut to precise dimensions, and the handle opening is routed. Then the entire assembly is dry fit (assembled) and placed in a pinch form for passage through a wide belt sander to assure that the finished product will be flat after final glue up. Once both sides are sanded accordingly, the project is then removed, brushed clean, and prepared for packaging. The product you receive should be free of compromise for ease of build, ready for finished sanding to your desired finish before applying olive oil as a final food grade finish. Please refer to instructions with your kit for the best results!

Assembled measurements are 12"W x 18"D x 3/4"H.





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