The Classic Postal Box Vault Kit

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This box is unlike any other we've seen, and we've looked!

We craft this box a bit larger than most, and we add beautiful work to the joinery for a distinctive look that makes saying "I built it myself!" even more spectacular than the gift itself.

You'll be proud to have this kit, and to build this VERY STURDY box to have or give to a loved one. When founder Donald Bayne showed me this project, I claimed one for myself right away!

This Postal Door comes in a variety of designs, finishes and conditions, as we find them available. Your order will be filled with the most attractive one we have on hand, according to our taste.

However, we're not unfriendly to your special requests for the kind of look you seek... to the best of our ability. Use the special request box to lend us direction, and either way, your order will be filled with our best effort.

Not only do we help you build a kit with fine American Oak, African Mahogany or Walnut, accented by a beautiful box joint and quality joinery, but we've also located a limited supply of these authentic postal box doors with their frames. We're confident we can find more, but the quality and condition is always subject to availability. 

Some doors are more special than others, but ALL are in limited supply for only as long as they last! 

These postal boxes can be used as a bank (with our optional brass coin slot plate; sold separately), a dreamer's list holder, a groomsmen's gift, a Father's Day gift or whenever else you need something unique and special that someone will cherish forever. 

We have some of these project kits in stock, ready to go. Once they are gone, orders will be shipped in 4-6 weeks.

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