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Welcome to BayneBox.com

BayneBox.com will provide you with custom woodworking projects you can do at home or in your shop. We are building on the storied past of Bartley Classic Reproductions, while adding new ideas, projects and technology.

In every case, we guarantee you re receive great woodworking projects that enable you to tell anyone, “I built it myself.”

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How Will You Use Your Carry-All Caddy?

We have had one of these Carry-All Caddy’s in our family for more than five decades. My mother used it as a sewing box, but over the years, we have recognized that it can be used in many different ways.

Buy it as a gift to give to someone after you have built it or give them the joy of building this truly functional piece. You may want to buy a second one for yourself because once you see it, you will fall in love.

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Carry-All Caddy

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Our cutting board is both beautiful and functional. Two-tone wood (the Deluxe upgrade) highlights a large cutting area, suitable for any kitchen.

The BayneBox.com cutting board is available in Beginner, Woodworker and Artisan models. This project is perfect to make for someone else for a holiday gift, or for birthdays, bridal showers, anniversaries and other events. Or give it to someone to make themselves. Learn More.

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The BayneBox.com Story

BayneBox.com and its founder, Donald Bayne, bring together all of the great projects and history of Bartley Classic Reproductions, along with new projects and technology from his custom wood furniture company, Bayne’s Quality Custom Furniture. Find Out More about Donald Bayne.